It's all relatively relative...

This is the Dump of Daves Thoughts. Trying to collect all texts I happened to write on the internet. Maybe eventually writing new texts.

SpaceNight CC music download script

Bashscript zum Downloaden von chilliger CC-lizenzierter Musik, die bei SpaceNight eingereicht wurde.

Language: de; version: 0.1; created 2014-02-12; modified: 2014-02-29

Infoscreensaver for Raspberry Pi

A python script to display MPD, weather and cpu load data via screensaver on a Raspberry Pi.

Language: en; version: 0.1; created 2013-10-04; modified: 2014-02-26

My Dailystrips contributions

My contributions for the Great Comic Strip Downloading Script named 'dailystrips'.

Language: en; version: 0.1; created 2007-03-02

Small problems solved

Short solutions for small problems I ran into and did not find a comprehensible FAQ/HOWTO/whatever.

Language: en; version: 0.2; created 2005-08-03; modified: 2014-02-28

Der Wind hat gedreht

Gewisse Strömungen in der heutigen Gesellschaft erhöhen den Anteil an notgedrungenen Scheuklappenstudenten zu sehr.

Language: de; version: 1.0; created 2005-07-01; modified: 2014-02-28

Rezept für Erdbeerlimes

Mein Rezept für Erdbeerlimes

Language: de; version: 2.0; created 2004-06-20; modified: 2014-02-26

HOWTO: Eine Blätterteigpizza backen

Rezept für eine Blätterteigpizza mit Hackfleisch, Weißkohl und Käse.

Language: de; version: 1.0; created 2004-04-07

Plugins for SquirrelMail

Some plugins for Squirrelmail I wrote. Some are officially downloadable from the Squirrelmail Plugin site.

Language: en; version: 1.0; created 2004-02-12; modified: 2011-06-09

HOWTO: Bayesian filtering with SpamAssassin, courier-imap and maildrop

How to extend an existing courier-imap server with an training option for the bayes filter of SpamAssassin. On moving a message to a special spam IMAP folder, the sa-learn program is called to feed the message into the bayes db.

Language: en; version: 1.1; created 2004-02-07; modified: 2005-07-10

HOWTO: Courier with Virtual Domains and SpamAssassin

How to patch SpamAssassin to look in the right places for bayes dbs and user_prefs on a system with Courier Virtual Domains/Users.

Language: en; version: 0.1; created 2004-02-04

HOWTO: Virtual Domains with the Courier Mail Suite

How to extend the Courier Mail Server with virtual users for virtual domains using the userdb auth module (including IMAP, POP3, ESMTP auth, SSL)

Language: en; version: 0.9; created 2004-02-04; modified: 2014-01-17

HOWTO: Debian woody auf einem Strato Root-Server installieren

Dieses Dokument beschreibt die Installation von Debian GNU/Linux auf einem von Strato gehosteten Rootserver.

Language: de; version: 1.4; created 2003-10-15; modified: 2004-07-15