Small problems solved

Document version: 0.2; created 2005-08-03; last modified 2014-02-28.

This page includes some short solution descriptions for small problems I ran into and did not find a comprehensible FAQ/HOWTO/whatever.

Samba 3.0 recycling bin
Font size in GNOME apps on KDE

Samba 3.0 recycling bin

The vfs module syntax in smb.conf has changed with the upgrade to samba 3.0. The new syntax is a little bit incomprehensible in the Samba HOWTO Collection (HTML, 1.7 MB), so I rewrote it here.

This example gives you a recycle bin directory on the root of a share. You may insert it either globally or for specific shares into /etc/samba/smb.conf. For more information regarding the meaning of the parameters, refer to the "recycle" section in the Samba 3 HOWTO Collection (HTML, 1.7 MB).

   vfs object = recycle:repository recycle:keeptree recycle:versions recycle:touch recycle:exclude

Apparently, you have to follow a certain convention: As parameter to the vfs object keyword, you have to specify all used vfs modules and all their parameters you intend to use in a space-delimited list. In extra lines, you have to specify the values of the parameters.

Additional note: Do not use quotation marks. One of my errors was setting recycle:repository="RecycleBin". I ended up with a directory literally named "RecycleBin" (including the quotation marks). Needless to say that Windoze does not show it.

Font size in GNOME apps on KDE

KDE3 and GNOME2 have one irking behavior when one runs KDE and wants to run GNOME applications (like firefox): the font size of the GNOME apps is smaller. Then one starts the Font module of gnome-control-center and everything goes out of control... now GNOME's apps are in the right font size, but KDE's apps sport a way to big font for the rest of the session.

The problem is in the different dpi settings. KDE seems to use the settings from the X server, but GNOME seems to recalculate it. Or whatever. I don't know. I just know that as soon as the gnome-settings-daemon is started (e.g. by the GNOME Control Center, but not by firefox), the daemon changes the dpi setting for the whole X server, including KDE apps. At least, that's my explanation ;-)

OK, now for repairing... at first, you'll need the dpi settings your X server runs at. Log in to KDE and do not start any GNOME apps. Start a Konsole. Check your resolution:

$ xdpyinfo | grep resolution
  resolution:    75x75 dots per inch

This value has to be passed to the gnome-settings-daemon. Run gconf-editor and open the search dialog. Enter dpi and check the box to search in key names, too. Start the search and change every dpi setting to the value found out via xdpyinfo. In this example, this would be 75. Note that the value is not necessarily one of the "historic" 75 or 100...

Now KDE does not change its font sizes whenever the gnome-settings-daemon is started, but GNOME apps still have the wrong font size until the mentioned daemon is started. So you have to make sure it is started. Download GNOME Settings Daemon.desktop and put it to .kde/Autostart/.

The last thing to do: Set the font settings in both KDE Control Center and GNOME Control Center as you like it.

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