My Dailystrips contributions

Document version: 0.1; created 2007-03-02.

What I did for dailystrips.

Dynamic Images on your dailystrips page

The dailystrips script really is nice ... but something irked me still. I loaded strips from around the world, so not all strips had been online the time I read them. Sometimes I read a strip and thought "Damn, there's a bit of the story missing!" Now I need a quick way to find the strip of yesterday -- both ways offered did not fit me. My strips page is wayyy to big to load quickly, mostly due to the Astronomy Picture of the Day (big image), so using the page of the previous day was out of question
And using the original strip pages ... uuh, well, no, I just don't like the ads and polls on

So, to make the whole story short, I wrote a quick hack to insert some javascript to dynamically change the image to a older one.


Download dailystrips-dynamic-images.tar.bz2 and unpack it into your dailystrips directory right next to the index.html generated by dailystrips.

Now enter the URL to the index.php into your browser.

There is no further configuration possible (apart from making sure that your apache runs .php scripts).